Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The South West Graffiti Projects . . . .

The SWG Projects are a series of short films documenting four areas of the Graffiti scene in Bristol UK.

Created by students at University College Falmouth as a final year project in BA (Hons) Digital Media. Each film focuses on an artist or company, giving a profile of themselves and their work within the Bristol community.

The films explore Artists views on Graffiti now becoming widely accepted and its entrance in to gallery's and the high art society.
We also look at how Graffiti is now used by mass media and city councils to boost image and area profiles and explore how youth groups and rehabilitation projects are using Graffiti as a tool for communication and social change.

Graffiti Jam . . . .

The Graffiti Jam short film showcases some of Bristol's best Artists and features interviews with Artists 3DOM, Mr. Riks, Silent Hobo, Fangs, FLX1 and Haka discussing their backgrounds and what Art means to them.

Monday, 27 February 2012

King Of Paint . . . .

Nestled in the space between Bristol’s bus station and the Broadmead shopping centre, King Of Paint is what Bristol’s graffiti and street art community have long been waiting for - a focal-point, in the heart of the city, just around the corner from the UK’s largest decriminalised painting zone - Stokes Croft.

KoP acts as a spray paint outlet and gallery space, but it also aims to be a hub for Artists that is dedicated to giving the city’s scene a much-needed designated space to exhibit, meet, hang out, draw and paint. 

The KoP short film focuses on Artist Max Gregor who recently ran his exhibition 'Everything Will Be Fine' at the KoP Gallery, he discusses his work, views and opinions on Art, Graffiti and the scenes past, present and future.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft . . . .

The Prsc aims provide benefit to the community, promoting the interests of the local area and by seeking to work with the skills of the whole Community, one aim is to create an outdoor gallery in Stokes Croft making it a more vibrant destination and unique area.

The work carried out involves gaining permissions for artists to paint local buildings around Stokes Croft and takes the form of exhibition shows at the Prsc HQ on Jamaica Street where the Prsc also has its shop and Gallery.
This short film features a discussion with Chris Chalkley - founder of the Prsc about his views and opinions on the area and the work so far achieved by the Prsc.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Trinity Community Arts . . . .

Trinity Community Arts Center's mission is to engage the local community of all ages in imaginative and socially inclusive projects, the centre is a true part of Bristolian culture providing a mixture of community arts and activities.

In this short film we focus on the 6 week Graffiti workshops ran by Trinity for young adults not in further education or training, exploring how Graffiti is being used by youth centers to draw people in, acting as a tool for social engagement and communication.
Featuring a workshop and short interview Mentor Mr. Riks, discussing what Trinity offers to the community.